2.4G Wireless USB DVR Video Capture Adapter #10136

2.4G Wireless USB DVR Video Capture Adapter

Receive signal from 2.4G wireless camera on computer , support to receive upto 4 cameras ( watch or monitor one by one ) .
Support to record video on computer
* Wireless USB DVR
* 4-channels 2.4GHz wireless video/audio
* Capture images 30 frames per second.
* Record files format AVI and play with Windows Media Player
* USB 2.0 interface, transmission rate up to 480 Mpit/s, 48 times
* Fluency video display, 720 x 576 image up to 30 frames/s
* Moving image display up to 1440 x 1152
* Sharp and nature image with true color
*Auto brightness. White balance, color saturation, contrast, Gamma
*Advanced digital video control function

2.4G Wireless USB DVR Video Capture Adapter Wireless_USB_DVR_Video_Capture_Adapter_03


You can place order online for sample and small quantities. If you need big quantities or OEM, please contact us via sales@usbeasycap.com

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